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Drink & Dish Local is intended to get more people to drink & eat locally. We do this through our directory of local establishments, events that we put on and events we sponsor. People would often rather drink & eat locally but have a hard time finding those places. Conversely, local establishments often have small budgets and don't have the dollars to put into large marketing campaigns. We are trying to give local a leg up by listing and promoting them here. We want to Drink & Dish Local to be your destination for finding all thinsg that you eat or drink locally.

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Lager vs Ale

A shower of looks and appraisals erupt as you saunter through the double oak doors of your favorite bar because let’s face it, you’re awesome....

Why Eat Local?

Let’s set the scene! Or several. You’re driving down a street in Indianapolis which is populated with a variety of choices for lunch. You have...

Drink & Dish Local supports local Restaurants, Breweries, Distilleries, Coffee Shops, Confectionaries & Bakeries. Our goal is to get people to Drink Local, Eat Local & Talk About Local.